Criteria for application of chemotherapy


To avoid the toxic effects of chemotherapy and intolerable that they endanger the lives of patients, are obeyed criteria for the indication of chemotherapy. These criteria are varied and depend on the patient’s clinical conditions and drugs selected for treatment. Below are listed some requirements ideal for the application of chemotherapy:

General conditions of the patient:

• less than 10% loss of body weight since the onset of disease;
• no medical contraindications for the drugs selected;
• no infection or infection present but under control;
• functional capacity corresponding to the first three levels, according to the indices proposed by Zubrod and Karnofsky.

Counting of blood cells and hemoglobin. (The amounts required for application of chemotherapy in children are minors.)
Leukocytes> 4,000 / mm ³
Neutrophils> 2.000/mm ³
Platelets> 150,000 / mm ³
Hemoglobin> 10 g / dl

BUN <50 mg / dl
Creatinine <1.5 mg / dl
Total bilirubin <3.0 mg / dl
Uric acid <5.0 mg / dl
Transferred (transaminases) <50 IU / ml

It should be noted that these criteria are not rigid, but must be tailored to the individual characteristics of the patient and tumor that affects.

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