Everything You Need to Know About Hypertension


Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. It is part of life for many people, young or old. Hypertension is a very common disease. To get an idea of ​​its importance, of every ten adults, about two have high blood pressure. It is a chronic disease, or that has no cure and that is slowly, silently damaging important organs of our body, such as heart, kidneys and brain. Over time, it causes heart failure, angina, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, and may even lead to death.

To measure the pressure?

Measure the pressure is important for the doctor to evaluate your blood pressure. According to several studies, doctors have concluded that when the blood pressure values ​​above a certain value, is detrimental to our health. To prevent this, visit your doctor regularly

What are the consequences of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure attacks the blood vessels. All of them are covered internally by a very thin and delicate, which is hurt when the blood is circulating with very high pressure. With that, the vessels become hardened and narrowed, and can, over the years, clogging or breaking. When this happens in the heart, blockage of a vessel leads to angina and heart attack can cause. In the brain, blockage or rupture of a vessel leads to “stroke” or stroke. Kidney blockage can also occur, leading to paralysis of the kidneys. All these situations are very serious and can be prevented by controlling high blood pressure.

Who has high blood pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very common disease that affects one in five people. Among the elderly, it comes to attacking a person in two. Also, children may have high blood pressure. We say that high blood pressure is a disease “democratic” because it strikes men and women, whites and blacks, rich and poor, old and young, fat and thin, nervous and calm people.

What should I watch with my children if I have high blood pressure?

Who has high blood pressure should guide their children to measure the pressure every six months or at least every year, so that the diagnosis is made shortly after the onset.

Why do people have high blood pressure?

Most people who have high blood pressure, it appears because it is inherited from parents. It is known that anyone who has a father, mother or both with high blood pressure are at greater risk of acquiring the disease. Inappropriate lifestyle habits are also important: obesity, excessive intake of salt or alcohol and physical inactivity may contribute to the emergence

High blood pressure be cured?

High blood pressure is a chronic and lifelong. It can be controlled but not cured. In most cases, is not known what causes high blood pressure or how to cure it, but you can control the disease, preventing the person has a shortened life. Treatment for high blood pressure also prevents heart attack, stroke and paralysis of the kidneys.

How to treat high blood pressure?

Treatment for high blood pressure lasts a lifetime. Should be done with medicines that help control blood pressure and healthy lifestyle, how to reduce salt intake and alcohol, weight control, exercise, avoid smoking and manage stress

How to know if the pressure is high?

Most people who have high blood pressure does not complain about anything. Hence we call blood pressure the ’silent killer. ” Sometimes, headache, dizziness and malaise may occur in those with high blood pressure, but it is common that when a person feels something different blood pressure has damaged your body. The only way to know if the pressure is normal is to measure it. The ideal is to measure the pressure at least every six months or a maximum interval of one year. Thus, when the disease appears, then the diagnosis is made.

Anyone can measure the pressure?

Anyone can measure the pressure, provided it is trained to do so. The health professionals are best suited for this activity. Measure the pressure of people serving in campaigns to warn them about the problem of high blood pressure. If blood pressure is high when measured shows a campaign, they should seek a doctor to confirm this value. People can also measure the pressure itself: in quiet environment, calm, after resting for 5 minutes, with the arm in which the measurement will be resting on a table at heart, his back against the chair and feet flat on the floor. The bladder should be empty and can not have smoked, eaten or drunk coffee at least 30 minutes before measuring

Blood pressure can be measured with any device?

There are different devices for measuring pressure. The most common are the aneroid, which are portable and seem to watch with a pointer. In hospitals, the devices are generally used mercury column with casters. Currently, are also widely used automated devices, especially for measuring blood pressure at home. These new devices allow one to measure the pressure itself. All these devices are good, provided that the calibration is checked every six months, or at least every year. You should use the clamp according to the size of the individual’s arm. Thinner arms need clamps closer and arms wide, as obese people require larger brackets. The devices that measure the pressure with the finger or the wrist are not considered reliable.

What is white coat hypertension?

These are people who have high blood pressure only when it is measured in the doctor’s office. Outside the office, she is normal. To find out if there is white coat hypertension, the doctor must know the pressure of the patient in the office and the pressure measured at the patient’s home or take the ambulatory, which measures the pressure for 24 hours with automatic device.

Stress makes it difficult to control high blood pressure?

Stress can make it difficult to control high blood pressure. The ideal would be to eliminate stress, but how difficult this is, it is best to learn to control it.

How smoking harms those who have high blood pressure?

Smoking aggravates heart disease because it can increase the pace of the heartbeat and blood pressure, or worsen atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries. In addition, smoking can also cause cancer in various organs

Why can alcohol alter blood pressure?

Alcoholic beverages increase blood pressure. Therefore, the reduction of alcohol consumption is effective in lowering blood pressure and can prevent high blood pressure. It is known that between five and ten percent of men with high blood pressure as a cause of the problem are the high consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are ethanol, a toxic substance that damages organs such as brain, heart, liver and pancreas. In addition, they may worsen gastritis, difficult weight loss (because they have too many calories) and slow reflexes, difficult driving. And who exaggerates risks of developing addiction and ruin your life.

How exercise helps to control high blood pressure?

Exercise helps to lower blood pressure. Often, those who have high blood pressure and begins to exercise may decrease the dose of medication, or even have blood pressure controlled without the use of drugs. Exercise appropriate no side effects and has several health benefits such as help control weight and blood pressure, lower rates of fat and blood sugar, raise the “good” cholesterol, decrease your stress and increase self-esteem

How to properly use drugs?

The drugs to treat high blood pressure act in the body controlling the pressure. The ideal is to keep the pressure below 13 by 8. The use of remedies must be continuous, daily doses and schedules recommended by your doctor. Do not stop taking the drugs, even if its pressure is controlled

The remedies for high blood pressure cause sexual impotence in men?

Currently, there are medicines that control blood pressure without interfering with sexuality. However, if it happens any change in their sexual activity, contact your doctor. It is important to remember that untreated high blood pressure that can cause impotence, because it hardens the vessels of the penis, hampering sexual activity.

The salt is bad for those who have high blood pressure?

The salt makes the body retain more fluids and to increase the volume of liquid makes the pressure rise. However, there is no need to eat without salt. It should be, yes, avoid the hype, like putting salt in fast food or eating foods that contain too much salt. About half of people is more affected by sodium chloride, table salt. These people are termed “salt sensitive”. For these individuals is important to eat low-salt, to prevent the pressure rise. In people who are not sensitive to this condiment, the pressure increase with its use is small.

Why the obesity and overweight are harmful to the blood pressure control?

Obesity and overweight substantially increase the risk of high blood pressure, as well as providing excess fat in the blood, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, gallstones and prostate cancer, breast, uterus and colon. Who has high blood pressure, to gain weight, will have its highest pressure, and to lose weight, a pressure drop. Weight loss in both obese and in those with excess weight reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, because it provides the reducing sugar and blood fats such as triglycerides, total cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol ( LDL-cholesterol), which is deposited in the arteries. In addition, weight loss also increases the “good” cholesterol (HDL) cholesterol, which removes cholesterol from the blood, thus preventing its accumulation in the arteries. The great secrets of weight loss are diet and physical activity.

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