Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a nice source of health. We provide here some additional informations in such a nice natural product.

Vitamin C, What Is It?

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C (C6H8O6, ascorbate, while in ionized form) is a molecule used in hydroxylation of several other biochemical reactions in cells. Its main function is the hydroxylation of collagen, the fibrous tissue that gives strength to bones, teeth, tendons and blood vessel walls. Furthermore, it is a powerful antioxidant and is used to transform the oxygen free radicals in inert forms. It is also used in the synthesis of some molecules that serve as hormones or neurotransmitters. In foodstuffs is referred to by number INS 300.Acerola

Its Look

Ascorbic acid is a white crystalline solid, odorless, water soluble and poorly soluble in organic solvents. The ascorbic acid in fruits and vegetables are destroyed by high temperatures for a prolonged period. Also suffers irreversible oxidation, losing its biological activity in fresh foods stored for long periods.

Biological Activity

At pH values normally found intracellularly, ascorbic acid is predominantly found in its ionized form, ascorbate.One of the most important activities of ascorbate in the human body is in the dehydration of proline residues in collagen. Collagen, a structural protein essential, needs to have certain proline residues to hydroxyproline in order to maintain a correct three-dimensional structure. The hydroxylation is performed by the enzyme prolyl-4-hydroxylase, ascorbate is not directly involved in this hydroxylation, and it is assumed that it is necessary to reduce the Fe3 + ion involved in enzymatic catalysis (in this, the ion moving from Fe2 + to Fe3 +, and necessary to restore your new catalytic cycle).In plants, ascorbate is found in relatively high concentrations (2-25 mM) and acts in the detoxification of hydrogen peroxide. The ascorbate peroxidase enzyme catalyzes the reduction of hydrogen peroxide to water using ascorbate as reducing agent. It is also the precursor of tartrate and oxalate ions.

Human Diet

Has the following effects in the body in moderate doses:

  • favors the formation of teeth and bones;
  • help resist diseases.
  • prevents colds, muscle weakness and infection. This point is disputed, with studies that show no effect of increased doses. It helps, no doubt, already sick with scurvy;
  • helps the immune system and cellular respiration, stimulates the adrenal glands and protects the blood vessels.


A deficiency of this vitamin causes avitaminosis called scurvy.It is important to note that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is extremely unstable. It reacts with oxygen in the air, with light and even water. So that is exposed have been started chemical reactions that destroy it, hence the emergence of bad taste in the juice ready. It is estimated that in an hour, almost the entire vitamin content has already reacted and disappeared, so it is important to consume the fruit or fresh juice made at the time, so we are sure that the content of vitamins is guaranteed. In the case of fruit, must take into account the state of them (peel, color, etc.). If they are ‘wounded’ can be that is already in an advanced state of reaction and not the ‘content’ vitamin you want .

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