How to Stop Smoking


The person who smokes becomes addicted to nicotine. Considered a very powerful drug, nicotine acts on the central nervous system such as cocaine, with a difference: reaches the brain in just 7 seconds - 2 to 4 seconds faster than cocaine. It is normal, so that by quitting smoking, the first day without cigarettes are the most difficult, but the difficulty will be getting shorter every day.

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Statistics show that smokers compared to non smokers have a risk

. 10 times more likely to become ill from lung cancer
. 5 times more likely to suffer heart attack
. 5 times more likely to suffer from chronic bronchitis and emphysema
. 2 times more likely to suffer stroke

If you stop smoking now …

. after 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal
. after 2 hours no more nicotine in their blood
. After 8 hours the oxygen level in the blood normalizes
. 2 days after your nose has already seen the best smell and taste as the food tastes better
. 3 weeks after breathing becomes easier and improves circulation
. After 5 to 10 years the risk of heart attack is equal to someone who never smoked

The sooner you stop smoking lower the risk of giving bad. Who do not smoke get more out of life!

Do not be afraid:

Symptoms of withdrawal syndrome

The body returns to normal operation without the presence of toxic substances and some smokers may have (varies from smoker to smoker) withdrawal symptoms and craving (intense desire to smoke) headache, dizziness, irritability, sleep disturbances, cough, malaise gastric and others. These symptoms, when they occur, lasting 1 to 2 weeks.


Relapse is not a failure. Start all over again and try to be more attentive to what made you start smoking again. Give many chances to you … to achieve. Most smokers who quit smoking had on average 3 to 4 attempts to permanently stop.

Of fat

If hunger increase, do not be alarmed, it is a normal weight gain of up to 2 kg, because his taste is improving and normalizing metabolism. Anyway, try not to eat more than usual. Avoid sweets and fatty foods. Maintain a balanced diet with low-calorie foods, fruits, vegetables, etc.. Choose products diet / light and natural. Always drink plenty of fluids, preferably water and juices. Avoid coffee and alcohol. They can be an invitation to smoke.

The most important thing is to choose a date to be your first day without cigarettes. This day does not need to be a day of suffering. Make it a special occasion and look set to do something you like to entertain and relax.

Choose a method to stop smoking:

Immediate Stop

You mark a date that day and not smoke any more cigarettes. This should always be your first option.

Gradual Stop

You can use this method in two ways:

Reducing the number of cigarettes. For example: A smoker of 30 cigarettes per day, on the first day smokes 30 cigarettes usual.
the second - 25
the third - 20
the quarter - 15
in the fifth - 10
in the sixth - 5
The seventh day was the date for quitting and the first day without cigarettes.

Slowing the time of first cigarette

For example, the first day you start smoking at 9 am
in the second 11 hours,
the third at 13 hours,
15 hours in the quarter,
fifth in the 17 hours,
sixth in the 19 hours,
on the seventh day was the date for quitting and the first day without cigarettes

Beware the pitfalls:

In times of stress

Try to calm down and understand that tough times will always occur and smoking will not solve your problems.

Feeling an urge to smoke

The urge to smoke lasts no more than a few minutes. At such times, to help, you can suck on ice, brushing teeth all the time, drink cold water or eat a fruit. Keep your hands busy with a rubber band, piece of paper, scribble something or handle small objects. Do not stand - talk to a friend, do something else that distracts your attention.


They are a great resource for healthy relaxation. Do deep breathing: breathe deeply through your nose and head count of 6, then let it out slowly through the mouth into the lungs completely empty. Muscle relaxation: stretch your arms and legs until you feel the muscles relax.

Protect yourself … after quitting a single puff can lead you to a relapse. Avoid the first cigarette and you will avoid all the others!

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