Symptoms And Diagnosis of Breast Cancer


Some womem feel guilty, or say that breast cancer happened because of something they or anyone else did, but this is not trus and is a counterproductive way of thiking.

breast cancer picture

The breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells.

The breast is a humam gland designed to make milk for babies. There are lobules in the breast that make the milk, which then drains to the ducts to the nipple.

Like all parts of our body, the cells in our breasts grow and then rest in cycles. Growth and rest of each cell are controlled by genes(DNA) in the cell’s nucleus. When your genes are in good working order, they keep cell growth under control. But when not, when your genes develop an abnormality, they lose their ability to control the growth and rest of the cell .

Cancer has the potential to break through normal breast barriers and spread to other parts of the body. While cancer is always caused by a mistake in the genetic material, only 5–10% of cancers are inherited from your mother or father. 90% of breast cancers are due to genetic mistakes that happen as a result of the aging process and life habits in general.

There are things every woman can do to help her body stay as healthy as possible (such as not smoking, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and minimizing stress), But breast cancer is never anyone’s fault.

Many tests and analyses are done over several weeks to figure out a diagnosis. The most critical test results will tell:

  • whether the cancer is non-invasive or invasive, and
  • how many lymph nodes are involved if so

One medical team will look to these other features of the cancer:

  • margins of resection
  • HER2/neu oncogene overexpression
  • tumor grade
  • size and
  • hormone receptor status

The laboratory keeps samples of the exams for a long time after surgery, so these tests can be done later in the process of diagnosis if the pacient insist on it. The pacient may have to wait a few days or weeks for some of these results. But no matter what the doctors find, they can do something to help the pacient.

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