What is Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment


Moreover called: Bronchogenic carcinoma

Lung cancer is one of the virtually all natural cancers in the planet. It is a leading provoke of cancer mortality in men and women in the US. Cigarette smoking provokes virtually all lung cancers. The more cigarettes you smoke per day and the earlier you began smoking, the higher your risk of lung cancer. great stages of pollution, radiation and asbestos presentation can moreover expand risk.

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Natural symptoms of lung cancer include

* A cough which doesn’t go away and gets worse over time
* Constant chest pain

* Coughing up blood
* Shortness of breath, wheezing, or hoarseness
* Repeated problems with pneumonia or bronchitis
* Swelling of the neck and face
* losing of appetite or weight losing
* Fatigue

There are many types of lung cancer. every type of lung cancer grows and disperses in different ways and is treated differently. medical treatment moreover relies on the level, or how progressive it is. medical treatment can include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Metastatic cancers

The lung is a natural locale for metastasis from tumors in another parts of the body. These cancers are identified during the site of source, so a breast cancer metastasis toward the lung is yet known since breast cancer. They frequently have a aspect round appearance on chest x-ray.  preliminary lung cancers themselves virtually all commonly metastasize toward the adrenal glands, liver, brain, and bone.


Asbestos might provoke a kind of lung sicknessess, including lung cancer. There is a synergistic consequence among tobacco smoking and asbestos in the establishment of lung cancer.  In the United kingdom, asbestos estimates for two?three percent of male lung cancer mortalities.  Asbestos might moreover provoke cancer of the pleura, called mesothelioma [that is different from lung cancer].


Performing a chest x-ray is the 1st advance if a patient reports symptoms which can be suggestive of lung cancer. This can reveal an obvious mass, widening of the mediastinum [suggestive of disperse toward lymph nodes there], atelectasis [collapse], consolidation [pneumonia], or pleural effusion. If there are no x-ray findings but the suspicion is great [such since a heavy smoker with blood-stained sputum], bronchoscopy and/or a CT scan can give the necessary information. Bronchoscopy or CT-guided biopsy is frequently united statesed toward identify the tumor type.

The differential diagnosis for patients who present with abnormalities on chest x-ray includes lung cancer, too since nonmalignant sicknessess. These include infectious provokes such since tuberculosis or pneumonia, or inflammatory conditions such since sarcoidosis. These sicknessess might result in mediastinal lymphadenopathy or lung nodules, and occasionally mimic lung cancers.

Medical treatment

The 1st prosperous pneumonectomy for lung cancer was carried out in 1933 year   and initially, pneumonectomy was the surgical medical treatment of choice.  However, with improvements in cancer staging and surgical techniques, lobectomy with lymph node dissection has right away become the medical treatment of choice.

Palliative radiotherapy has been united statesed as the 1940s.  Radical radiotherapy, initially united statesed in the 1950s, was an attempt toward united statese bigger radiation doses in patients with relatively early level lung cancer, but who were otherwise unfit for surgery.  In 1997 year, continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy [CHART] was seen since an improvement over conventional radical radiotherapy.

With minor cell lung carcinoma, initial attempts in the 1960s at surgical resection  and radical radiotherapy  were unfortunate. In the 1970s, prosperous chemotherapy regimens were developed.

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    You can use it without problem Alex, but unfortunately I don’t have a bigger version of this picture :S

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    It is very sad that asbestos is still used by number of industries, taking into consideration that it’s one of the major causes of mesothelioma and other types of lung cancer. It also makes me sad that US federal legislation has been enacted to compensate victims of diseases related to asbestos intake or to protect people from future asbestos exposure, even thou a bill called the Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act has been introduced in Congress several times. This bill would create a national trust fund to provide compensation to victims suffering from asbestos-related diseases. This fund supposed to be administered by the DOL through a claims process in which all individuals with certain medical symptoms and who prove asbestos-related diseases would be compensated. Funding for the trust would come from insurance companies and companies that mined, manufactured, and sold asbestos products. But… As we see, nothing happened. Sad.

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