Know everything about Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is the method that uses chemicals, called chemotherapy in the treatment of diseases caused by biological agents.

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When applied to cancer, chemotherapy is called antineoplastic chemotherapy or chemotherapy antiblastic.

The first antineoplastic chemotherapy was developed from mustard gas, used in both World Wars as a chemical weapon. After exposure of soldiers to this agent, we found that they developed marrow hypoplasia and lymphoid tissues, which led to its use in the treatment of malignant lymphomas. Since the publication in 1946 of clinical studies made with mustard gas and the observations on the effects of folic acid in children with leukemia, there was growing progress of anticancer chemotherapy. Currently, chemotherapy more active and less toxic are available for use in clinical practice. The progress seen in recent decades in the field of anticancer chemotherapy, have greatly facilitated the application of other types of cancer treatment and allowed a greater number of cures.

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