My Husband Takes the Blue Pills


All of a sudden your old husband, that used to be tired, dispirited, with low morale definitely begins to show an anomalous excitement.

What Do You Assume?

  • Alternative A: That damned man was pretending not to be excited!
  • Alternative B: Mmmm, welcome back baby! Here I am, more woman than ever.
  • Alternative C: Bingo! The power of this big man came back because he is taking the miraculous blue pill, the sensational Viagra.

The blue pills

A Roundtable

This was the subject of a roundtable that brought together some celebrities, and researchers such as the professor Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard Medical School (also author of the book “The Viagra Myth: The Surprising Impact on Love and Relationships”).And what was the subject of such roundtable? Sex, of course. This, incidentally, is the most popular subject in the world. I do not know if people are making love, but I have absolutely no doubt that they are talking about sex. Talking about sex is probably the “sport” with the largest number of practitioners in the Universe :).More precisely, they talked about the effects of the blue pill in their life as a couple. Everyone agreed: use it. After all, every man deserves to see their “happiness” coming again, regardless of color, age, weight and sexual preference. “Sex is for everyone to do every day.”


The fact is, since the pill came around, many men sing in the bathroom once again. Even though, some people still talk about the dangers of swallowing the pill: at least if it is to die - die happy :).

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